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The question ‘what is man?’ is a question put before us in Psalm 8. It is a question which has occupied the mind of humanity though history. What is the measure of man? What gives humans value, identity and purpose?


Things change

Like many people in this room, I grew up in Australia. 

  • For me,

  • That was in Sydney,

  • And I’m still there today. 

And a lot has changed in Sydney, in Australia, just in my life time.

We love in a foggy world. We can see things like the wall and the chair, but the really important things like:

           What’s God like?

           What does God want me to do?

           What’s going to happen to me when I die?

We’re really unsure about these. And so were the disciples. But Jesus wasn’t.

It must be very hard for people living near the controversial road construction to cushion the sound of heavy machinery doing battle against earth.The energy expended ends up as sound and heat and dust.It is heavy work. Isaiah 1-39 overall ,has been described as the pounding words of God  waging war  against the conscience of Judah. Chapter 40 is like the peace which comes when all the tractors and heavy equipment are signalled away.

 There are so many shifts in world leadership at the moment.The unease in the middle east.What kind of a leader do we need to put this nation right, is the question that is asked in many countries today.?

Today as we draw to a close Paul’s letter to the Philippian Church, we have seen how he keeps bringing us back to ask “How Jesus on the move in your life?”  As Paul writes this letter from jail, he is uncertain about his future.  What we see is how Paul’s overall concern remains for the Philippian Christian, and how he longs to see them mature in their faith and apply Jesus as Lord in their daily lives by looking out for the interests of others in the church, and running to win the prize of eternity with Jesus; that is pressing on to finish the race.  Paul now draws his letter to its end

Eric Liddel we know of because of the movie “Chariots of Fire” while he was studying at the University of Edinburgh.  He was selected to represent Scotland in the 1924 Paris Olympics in the 100m dash, and tipped to be their first gold medal winner ever in the Olympic Games.  Liddel’s troubles started when months before the race he found out the heats were to be held on a Sunday. 

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