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What’s on your bucket list?
Have you ever heard of the term “Bucket list”? Do you have

It is the must-do things before you die.

I asked someone I know the same question.

“What’s on your bucket list?”

Two weeks ago we had a look at the question “Who are the important people?”
And we found that Jesus had some surprising answers on that one.
Today we are going to look at: who are the good people?

I guess if we’re really honest all of us, even the worst people would like people to think that I’m
a good person. Not just at my funeral, but now.

So we ask Jesus, “who are the good people and how do I get to become one?” and he has some
surprising things to say.

Picture the scene. We have it in 4:23-25 see how many times it says all or every.

Jesus went throughout Gallilee teaching in the synagogues preaching the good news of the
kingdom and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all
over Syria and people brought to him all you were ill with various diseases those suffering
severe pain, the demon possessed those having seizures and the paralysed and he healed them.
Large crowds from Gallilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan
followed him. Now when he saw the crowds he went up on the mountain side and sat down his
disciples came to him and he began to teach them.

Watching TV this last week, I was confronted by some tragic scenes of parents crying at the death
of children. What an awful time these people were going through. I also know that many here have
also had that same feeling of tragic loss of a loved one.

Today we come to the very familiar passage in
which Jesus deals with the issue of prayer and
specifically he covers prayer from our side and
also from God’s side.

This morning I want to challenge you with the most glorious truth about
the Lord Jesus. Most of you I have never met before, and I know nothing
about you. I don’t know whether you’re a committed follower of Jesus;
or someone who’s interested in finding out more about Him; or you’ve
come because this is what you always do on Sunday mornings; or you’re
here somewhat unwillingly because of pressure or an invitation you
couldn’t refuse.
But whatever the reason that brings you here this morning, I’m glad that
you’ve come. For whether you are a keen follower of Jesus or not, there
is a certain truth about the Lord Jesus that I want to turn your attention

The Light Overcomes the Darkness!

The winds obey Him – and now the demons! Mark recounts all the
incidents that built up Peter’s confession in Chapter 8 “You are the
Christ!” Peter was a person who had to struggle towards faith in Jesus
Christ as the Son of God over a period of time. Each incident Peter
witnessed was a hammer blow to his unbelief. Peter found faith hard to
come by! We see what convinced Peter – not just one incident or two, but
a whole flood reaching its crescendo in the feeding of the 4,000 and then
the Transfiguration.

Decapolis: Damascus, Philadelphia (modern Amman), Canatha,
Sythopolis (Beth Shean), Gadara, Pella, Gerasa, Hippos, Dion, Raphana.
Hellenistic cities founded by Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Centres of
Hellenism. A Gentile area.

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