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(ill Sermon Central) ROAD SIGNS OF THE FAITH
During World War II, during the Battle of the Bulge, there was a group of German soldiers who dressed themselves in the uniforms of the Allies. These German soldiers used American military vehicles and went through the German countryside changing the road signs. When the American troops came to the various crossroads, they were often fooled and lead off in the wrong direction. This deception by the Germans almost gave them the victory in this very decisive battle of the Second World War.
Just like those German soldiers caused confusion and death by changing a few signs, so many in our day are leading millions off into Hell because they are changing some of the road signs of the faith.

In preparing for today’s sermon, I was taken back many years to the time I applied for my first job. Do you remember when you applied for one?
What was even more exciting was when the boss called me and said I had the job, but that wasn’t the best part it was that first payday, and the money was there.



Who is the greatest?

In this series in 1 John that we started last week John give proof of his authority and proof of his ability to tell an eye witness account of the life, death resurrection of Christ and how he is still in the world as the Holy Spirit is here now to be our helper so that it is no longer I that liveth but Christ that lives in me.
John showed us that we either are walking in the light or in the dark, which is in Christ or in the world


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Think of little Jessie who loved to make mud pies. She called them warm chocolate. The problem was the mess that gran had to clean up following her time in the kitchen. Gran knowing what mess was there asked Jessie not to make any more warm chocolate. But the little girl just could not resist, even though she knew that gran had asked her not to and she also knew gran would punish her if she made more warm chocolate. So Jessie said “Gran, don’t look at me” three times before gran acted.

We may know of people like Jessie who enjoy doing what is wrong,



This morning we are having a look at book of Ephesians,

  • And today we are looking at a passage that is not only at the halfway point in the book,
  • But, it’s also a turning point in its focus.

The section of Ephesians before this passage, chapters 1-3… those chapters are mostly focused on theology.

  • Paul… who wrote this book…
  • Paul has been laying down some of the most important aspects of how God saves us,
  • And how all people,
  • Jew and Gentile,
  • are saved in Christ

But now the focus shifts.


Good morning to everyone… As many of you know, Im from Syndey, but Im coming to you from Kingaroy. I have found myself stuck up here in Queensland. Obviously it's been a pretty crazy year for everyone, and with all these travel restrictions… Kingaroy has become my new home for the time being…

But that point about being stuck up here… we have had all these changes going on in the world and in our society at the moment… all our lives have been affected by this pandemic… and that actually connects with what I want to talk to you about now.

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