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We love in a foggy world. We can see things like the wall and the chair, but the really important things like:

           What’s God like?

           What does God want me to do?

           What’s going to happen to me when I die?

We’re really unsure about these. And so were the disciples. But Jesus wasn’t.

And I'll tell you why. It’s in v. 10. READ. Underline those words.


Do you see what Jesus is saying?

Jesus is not just saying my words are true. (the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth)

Jesus is actually saying My words are not my words. THEY ARE THE WORDS OF GOD!

This is the big fork in the road. This is the thing that separates Christians from non-Christians.

           Jesus’ words are really God’s words.

Do you believe that? Be careful how you answer.


If you say NO. Jesus’ words may be good, but I don’t really believe they’re God’s words, then that leaves you free to pick and choose which ones you like and which ones you don’t like.


But if you say YES. I believe that Jesus is speaking the very words of God, then everything He said has to be taken seriously. And if you shrug it off, you’re in big trouble. So verse 10 really changes everything for us in this life and the next.


It’s a big step isn’t it. Can I really believe that Jesus is speaking the words of God?

I think Jesus knew how hard that would be, so He have us 4 proofs, 4 tests to help us be sure.


TEST 1 because Jesus said so. Someone read v.10. Jesus said it. Is He telling the truth or isn’t He? Write 1 next to v. 10.


TEST 2: is in v.11. (read) If you don’t believe me, let them miracles convince you. Am I doing the things only God can do? Write 2 next top v. 11


TEST 3 is in v. 13. (read) How do I know Jesus is telling the truth? What’s in it for Him? He doesn’t want anything for Himself. He wants everything for God. Write 3 next to v. 13


TEST 4: I’ve left the best one till last. (read v.12). How do I know it’s all true? Jesus says, just try it and see. The trouble is we don’t. We say, “I won’t try it because I’m not sure it’s true” But if you keep going like that we’ll never be sure. Jesus says, “Jump in. Start saying ‘I’m going to assume that it’s true and see if things are any different. Give it a try and see if things change. And I’ll tell you one things that will change straight away.


You’ll know where you’re going. If Jesus is speaking God’s words then He can tell us what’s going to happen to us when we die. READ v.2-3

           - Where is Jesus now?

           - what is He doing?

           - what is he going to do?

           - what’s going to happen after I die?

Is this for everyone? What did Jesus say in v. 6? It’s only though Jesus, which brings us right back to v.10 again. If you believe that Jesus is speaking God’s words and you say “Jesus, I’m going to do all you say, then you are the one that Jesus is coming back for.”

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