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When you ask someone, what will happen when you die? Theoir answer may or may not have God in it.


We say, God is very much in the centre of it.


That’s the hope. Now what’s the reason for the hope. 

Why do you choose to believe it’s true?


a) Logical: common sense says we must have come from something.


b) Historical: because Jesus came into the world, taught abouit God and came back to life.


c) Personal: your story.


What is the gospel? Jesus died to save me from my sin?


My life is sandwiched between two major bookends.

a)Jesus made me.

b)Jesus is coming back for me.


BUT. . . do this with gentleness and respect.


Don’t be so gentle, you back out altogether.


How do we show respect? 

a) By complimenting. Letting them know we think they are a nice person.

b) By listening to their story. Trying to understand what they believe and why they believe it. Not trying to trump every argument.



An alive church leads people to Jesus.




1 Pray. Have you ever prayed, “Lord please let me lead someone to Jesus this week.”


2 Think about “How does my walk with Jesus make a difference in my life? 

(ambitions, ethics, values, )


3 Talk to non-Christians about trivial things, then caringly go deeper:

family, hopes, (try to dwell on the positives, not the winges)


4 Write out your story.


5 Ask questions.

- does this make sense to you?

- is there anything in what I’ve said that resonates with you.

- where are you in your spiritual journey?

- what is your understanding of God?

- how does your spirituality impact your life and expectations of death?

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