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The parable of the soils! The purpose of this parable does not fix
us eternally into one category or the other. The categories are real
but they bring us to the great mystery at the heart of Christ’s

At its very heart is the mystery of God’s judgment on all sin, and
His purity, love, grace and mercy towards sinners. The mystery of
His covenant, of His covenant promises!

The Lord is a person who keeps His Word! Jesus was born, lived,
died, was resurrected and ascended to the Father because God
gave His Word to Adam and Eve – that the son of Eve would
bruise the Satan’s head, while the Satan would bruise the Son’s
heel. God would have the victory over the devil.

The good news is that God kept His word to Adam and Eve. Trust
Him to keep His covenant word to you! You who believe in the
Lord Jesus Christ have been given a great gift – to know His great
purpose behind all things – the mystery of the kingdom of God..

May you and I persevere with Him through all the changing
circumstances of life. God give you grace to finish your life well!


The Mystery of People’s Response

The hardened path: Satan takes away the word of the
Gospel that they hear. The Pharisees who saw Jesus’ miracles
but would immediately attack Him. The Apostle Paul before
Damascus. Those who commit the unforgiveable sin – who,
after meeting Jesus, proclaim “He has an evil spirit”!
Rocky places: At first respond with joy, but when hard
times come, they fall away. Peter – deserted Jesus. Judas
betrayed Jesus over money.
Thorns: Would like to believe, but the worries of life, and
materialism choke the Gospel word – no fruit. Ananias and
Sapphira! Nicodemus!

Good soil: Hear the Gospel word, accept it and produce a
good crop of faith. Matthew, John, Paul, Peter, Nicodemus


The Mystery of Brokenness and Suffering

●The mystery that has always troubled God’s people.
●We have an enemy! The devil. Evil and good are more than
impersonal forces – they are personal and relational.
●The garden rupture that twisted life.
●Hard times, persecution, terrible happenings
●Materialism, poverty (worries of life), accident
●The good suffer greatly. The wicked prosper.
●E.g., Good government is a great blessing, but its existence is
NOT eternal in this age. In the Book of Kings, a good King and
his government that built a strong nation can be followed by a
bad king and government that weakened and fractured the
●The terrible effect of sin and Satan – everything dies!

The Mystery of the Open Door

●The Gospel – the son of man who broke the power of sin, the
devil and death. The son of God who was raised from death to
life and sits at His Father’s right hand. The Holy of Holies
curtain in the Temple was torn in two!
●In this parable, Jesus encouraged faith in His power as Saviour.
●Jesus met Paul on the road to Damascus
●Jesus met Peter beside the lake and resorted him
●Nicodemus met with Jesus secretly at the beginning of Jesus
ministry. At Jesus’ death, Nicodemus declared his allegiance to
Jesus as his Messiah – and helped Joseph of Arithamea bury
give Jesus a royal burial – costing many hundreds of thousands
of dollars. The tomb itself was one only the immensely wealthy
could afford.
●Paul, Peter, Nicodemus - restored, forgiven, sent forth
●Your restoration, forgiveness and sending forth!

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