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Today we come to the very familiar passage in
which Jesus deals with the issue of prayer and
specifically he covers prayer from our side and
also from God’s side.

Now we also know that the bible deals quite a lot
about the subject of prayer and while this passage
in Luke is not as well known as the one from
Matthew but as such should not be discounted in
any way. When you look at the two passages you
will notice that there are some differences, but
these only enhance the message from them both.
The most notable difference is that here in Luke
the teaching is prompted by te disciples asking
Jesus to teach them to pray.
So what is going on here in regard to prayer and
the things that Jesus reminds the disciples and
therefore each one of us as being important?

The simple thing is that this prayer covers virtually
everything we ever need to put into our prayers.
But have you noticed one thing about this prayer
and the instruction that when we pray this is what
you should say. In all of the prayers used in the
bible as people come before the Lord in prayer this
is the only time these actual words are used. I have
worshipped in churches where the Lord’s prayer
and even the Apostles Creed were repeated every
Sunday. But that was what was happening words
without the heart.

This is the warning from Matthew that of you just
repeat the prayer without understanding what you
are doing and saying then you are no different to
the prayers of the heathens.

Jesus is answering the disciples in this way so that
they understand that prayer is important. The key
is that prayer and the heart are entwined delicately
together and never to be separated. Notice also that
the words in the two passages are slightly different.
But that does not really matter because it is all
about prayer and its importance in the life of every
believer. It all starts with God ands with man and
our total dependence upon our Heavenly Father.
Just look as the simplicity of the words used by
Jesus to teach us how to pray.

One commentator helps us understand prayer and
its importance in our lives by telling us that when
you are thinking about prayer then all you need to
do is think of the words “CHRIST”. I think that is
a good way for us to stay focused on the whole
prayer of faith.

“C” – Concentrate: Concentrate on your prayers
and remember who you are actually praying to. As
the prayer starts where all prayers should by
saying, “Father.” This word father is very much
akin to the word used later in scripture “Abba
Father,” as Jesus described his own Father. So

concentrate on who you are actually praying to.

“H” – Hallelujah: The words of the second line
say ‘hallowed be your name,” declaring, using
these words we are doing what every believer has
to do all of the time and give all of the glory to our
Sovereign God because all praise in only due to
tour Heavenly Father.

“R” – Ruler: The very next line tells us to pray
“your kingdom come,” but do we really mean it?
How bold is it of every believer to declare these
words to our Heavenly Father because in them we
are confessing that he is the ruler of the universe,
the ruler of all creation. His kingdom is coming
that is for sure. Mark q:14-15; tells us, “The time is
coming. The kingdom of God is near. Repent and
believe the good news.”

“I” – Simply stand for “I”. As we ask for our
daily bread before God in prayer, we are taking the
bold step before God that we rely totally upon Him
for everything. Our God wil give us exactly what
we need for every day. It might not be what we
want but praying these words we are decelaring
that we will always rest upon the promises of our
Abba Father.

“S” – Saviour. Declaring boldly asking Jesus to
forgive us of our sins is so beautiful but also
carefully adds to the public declaration of our faith
through prayer. Here we are affirming that Jesus is

our Saviour, our blessed redeemer an we want to
treat others the way that he has forgiven us. In
Eph. 4:32-5:2; we read, “Be kind and
compassionate to one another, forgiving each other
just as in Christ God forgave you. Be imitators of

“T” – Triumph. Only through Jesus are we able to
triumph over temptation and the evil one. Here is
the confession that we cannot do it ourselves but
rather we need help to live holy and godly lives for
Jesus. Our trust is in the gift of the Holy Spirit our
wonderful counsellor, teacher and friend. Our
triumph is in the ongoing love and care of our
Abba Father.

So this prayer is all about giving us the solid basis
for all of our prayers remembering who we are but
more importantly who we are praying to and
through all of the time. It is in the following verses
that Jesus goes on to expand his teaching about
what we should pray. These verses do not appear at
this point in Matthew’s gospel so why did God
deliver this message in talking about prayer.
Well here Jesus is telling us that with prayer it is
all about being persistent. We should pray and not
give up but always remember that we are seeking
His holy will and not ours.

However, the message from v.9-10; does in some
way seem to contradict this message. Here we are
told ask and it will be given to you, knock and seek

and blessing will flow. Our prayer life reflects our
faith life. Here though Jesus has moved on to the
most important gift of all in the gift of salvation
through Jesus Christ. We know this because Jesus
now mentions the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is
God’s gift to every believer. As v.13; says, ‘how
much more will your Father in Heaven give
himself through the Holy Spirit.

It is a beautiful prayer given to help us in our
prayer life. It is a believer’s prayer because it has
so deep a meaning in every part of the words we
are taught to pray. It is not just nice words to say
just to show we know can remember words of

Think of the acronym “CHRIST” as the guide you
need to understand what you are praying and more
importantly why you are praying. We have the gift
of prayer so let us make sure that we use it with
our regular meetings with our Abba Father.

Let us pray…………………AMEN.

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