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Two weeks ago we had a look at the question “Who are the important people?”
And we found that Jesus had some surprising answers on that one.
Today we are going to look at: who are the good people?

I guess if we’re really honest all of us, even the worst people would like people to think that I’m
a good person. Not just at my funeral, but now.

So we ask Jesus, “who are the good people and how do I get to become one?” and he has some
surprising things to say.

There's an impression amongst Christians that the old Testament is all about laws but Jesus put it
an end to the law. Well let's see what Jesus says about that.

Matt. 5:17-20

That’s 5 times Jesus says it. I think Jesus wants us to keep the law.

In fact he says more than that. He says “I expect you to kept the law and much more”.

He then gives 6 examples of “You have heard that it was said. But I tell you. . . .”

21 you have said you shall not murder but I say to you:
Don't harbour harm to someone in your heart. Don't be angry at someone don't insult someone
don't put them down don't curse them don't belittle them. If you're out of relationship with them
and wanting to come to God, stop. Fix up your relationship with your neighbor and then come to

27 you have said don’t commit adultery. But I say to you don’t want to commit adultery. Don’t
desire another person and if you can’t help seeing close your eyes. Does the Bible talk about
pornography? It sure does. Here it is.

31 You have said No unjust divorce. But I said to you no divorce at all and no remarriage after

33 you have said no false oaths. But I say no oaths at all just be truthful in everything you do.

38 you have said no uncontrolled revenge. But I say to you no revenge at all.

43 you have said Be kind to your friends. But I say be kind to your enemies. Pray for your
enemies. Seek the welfare of your enemies.

What do we make of all this? 3 comments.

1.First of all, we see that Jesus has the highest standards of morality and he expects his
people to keep them perfectly. You must be perfect even as your father in heaven is
perfect. How can we keep to such a high standard? Why should I give up my rights?
Because I know how special I am in God’s eyes it’s no accident that the beginning of
this sermon started with telling people how special they are. Jesus wants you to know
that even if you are poor and weak and crippled and sad you are still a light for the
world. The world is watching you.
2.There is a trend in Christianity to downplay God’s law. The Old Testament is about
law, but the New Testament is about grace. That’s not what Jesus says. Sure the law
doesn’t get you to heaven, but that’s not what it’s for. It’s so that we can live in a way
that pleases God. But Jesus’ laws are different. They’re not so much about what’s on
the outside, but what’s on the inside, our attitudes to people, our love for our neighbor.
3.Jesus said “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like
an intelligent man who built his house on rock. Over 2000 years, intelligent people
have taken Jesus words seriously and done them and the house they built is strong and
They have said, “It’s not enough to prohibit murder, we are going to have laws against slander,
libel, hate speech.”

In our battle against adultery, we are going to fight against pornography, prostitution, domestic
violence, pedophilia, sexual harassment in the workplace.

We will discourage divorce, but we’ll also do all we can to strengthen marriages, to promote
permanence. We will have marriage counseling, Mr & Mrs, Because we believe that the family
unit is the building block of our society.

A man’s yes is yes and his no is no. And as that expectation became part of our culture it
liberated us. Now we can have credit cards and 30 day accounts, because we know that people
will pay.

These things we enjoy, come from the day when the Lord Jesus went up a mountain and said,
“This is how my kingdom needs to run”. And intelligent people heard it and did it. They built a
house and we are living in their house.

May God help us build our lives and our families on what is strong and true.

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